For those of you who are not familiar with our company and how we came to be, here’s the condensed version of our story: After several years of working as a preliminary director in the Miss Florida USA Pageant system and countless shopping trips outside of Gainesville with my titleholders to find outfits for events and appearances, it became obvious to me that there was a definite need for some non-department store shopping options in Gainesville. As someone who had always had a dream of owning a business and a love for anything related to pageants and fashion (and the fact that my littlest one was about to start Kindergarten and I was itching to venture into something new), the idea that “Gainesville needed better shopping” quickly turned into “we should open a boutique”. Little did I know at the time that four months later, we would actually be laying flooring (yes, personally!) and watching a concrete room suddenly transform into the business of my dreams! We opened our doors in March of 2009 with five 4-arm racks of casual dresses, five 2-arm racks and two wall displays of prom gowns, and two fitting rooms. Now, almost six years later, we have expanded every area of our store to include prom gowns, formal wear, little girl pageant attire, casual dresses, semi-formal dresses, game day attire… even tuxedo rentals! Every wall in the store now supports a display or clothing rack, and we have even managed to fit in an additional 3 fitting rooms!


Because of the hard work of every person who works with us (and those who have helped us to build the business into what it is today), as well as the loyal business of so many of our customers, we have finally grown to the point where we have decided to launch an online shopping site for our boutique at, and we are SO excited to see where this extension of our business leads us! We are incredibly lucky to have some of the most amazing customers imaginable, and I can’t say enough about the girls that I work with. The boutique has definitely become my second home, and some of the girls here are more like family than anything else.

At Allure, each one of our interests, style and areas of expertise are as different as our personalities. One thing that we all do have in common: our love of fashion and desire to help every girl find her own unique sense of style! So from everyday fashion to special occasions… weddings and charity events to prom and pageants… the girls of Allure Boutique have blog dedicated to bringing you the latest trends in the world of fashion, beauty tips and secrets, pageant advice and information, and even some of our own personal style preferences. Our hope is that we can help to provide you with a resource for all of your own fashion interests!

You can always contact us through Facebook or at [email protected]

Thank You to every one of you for helping us to continue to grow. We appreciate your business and look forward to years of continued business with you!


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